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---Limited Spring Flash Deal $6 Off ---Organizers 50% Off---Selected Items Buy One Get One!---
---Limited Spring Flash Deal $6 Off ---Organizers 50% Off---Selected Items Buy One Get One!---

6 Cute Gifts Ideas for K-Pop & K-Drama Fans
... Under $10

Are you looking for some cute gift ideas for your K-Pop and K-Drama friend, but you are on a budget?

Or you know that they already pre-ordered their favorite albums for themselves anyway??

We have some tips for you!

They will be impressed with your insider knowledge and references, and it’s all under $10 so you might as well get a matching one for yourself!

(Let me tell you a secret, in this fan culture we love matching stuff!)

1.  Shiba Inu Dog Plush

Sometimes I wonder how ATEEZ San’s Shiba is doing nowadays and I just go and hug my own while listening to their songs. So if your friend is an ATINY, they will definitely appreciate this Shiba-Inu Dog Plush! 

— $7.95

View Here

2.  Marvel Stuffed Plush Toy

There is no K-Drama fan out there who doesn’t love Park Seojoon! While we are waiting for his first Marvel appearance, any of these Marvel Stuffed Plush Toys will be a great company for catching up with all the movies. 

— $8.95

View Here

3.  Marvel Collection Spring Figure- Spider-Man

Since we mentioned superheroes… It is an NCTzen inside joke, but true Mark fans will love your Spiderman reference. And this Spring Figure will look great next to some photo cards, posters or along your friend’s NCT album collection!  

— $6.95

View Here

4.  Extended Soft Bullet Toy Gun Kit 12 Balls (Children Fun/ Safe Use)

If your friend loves watching Korean variety shows and can’t stop talking about the exciting games they play, get them this Soft Bullet Toy Gun Kit. It’s very safe and we are pretty sure they will come up with some cool challenges right away so that you can enjoy it together. 

— $9.95

View Here

5.  Shark Hand Puppet

Does “Baby shark, doo, doo, doo, doo” still come up quite often when you hang out? (Don’t worry, we still find ourselves humming it every now and then too.) Unwrapping this Shark Hand Puppet will definitely make your friend crack up! You might as well sing “Baby Shark” instead of the usual “Happy Birthday” song. 

— $8.95

View Here

6.  MINISO Cute Kitten Cat Plush Toy Stuffed Animals

Any cat lovers out there? One for sure, there are many amongst the K-Pop idols, and who wouldn’t fall in love with this cuddly Kitten Cat Plush? You could even do a quick research to find out the names of the pets your friend's favorite artist owns and name this one after them. Stray Kids Lee Know fans would probably love to have their own Soonie, Doongie, or Dori at home, and the same goes with TEN fans for Louis and Leon, just to give you a few examples. 

— $4.95

View Here

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