If You are Into K-Beauty, These Affordable Products will MAKE you go “Daebak”

1.  Cartoon Fragrance-Free Tissue (3-pk)

Tissues are a must on every beauty vanity, but it can easily ruin the aesthetics and IG snaps… But not this cute (and fragrance-free) tissue! And it comes with all three packs! 

— $3.95 

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2.  MINISO Facial Sprayer

Now that the cold weather is approaching us, and we slowly turn on the heaters, our skin really needs some extra care to stay calm and hydrated. This facial sprayer is small and portable so you can even take it to the office! And yes, you can use it over makeup, no worries. 

— $13.95

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3.  Miniso Pump Bottle 100ml

We have another tip for those who love convenient things. Toners are a big part of a K-Beauty routine, and this pump bottle can make that step quicker—or even portable for you! 

— $2.95

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4.  Moisture Jelly Face Mask (brightening) - 1 piece

Korean women have been using rice in their skincare routine for centuries for its brightening and nourishing properties.

It might be one of the secrets for their ageless beauty as it is supposed to slow down the signs of ageing and help maintain the skin’s elasticity.

Give this Moisture Jelly Face Mask a try and see the benefits for yourself. 

— $1.95

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5.  Moisture Jelly Facial Mask (soothing) - 1 piece

If you have sensitive skin, we also recommend trying this soothing Moisture Jelly Facial Mask. Utilizing the benefits of centella asiatica, this mask will relax and nourish your skin in just a few minutes. Sounds like a relaxing night that calls for a K-Drama! 

— $1.95

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6.  Marvel- Facial Mask (Thor) - 1 piece

Now, if you want to convince the boys in your life about the importance of skincare, that could be a challenge.

These Marvel face masks might do the trick though. 

— $1.95

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7.  Safe Retractable eyebrow Razor - 2 pcs

Eyebrows define the face!

In Korea, you’ll mostly see a softer, straighter eyebrow, while women in the West often rock a more arched look.

With this retractable eyebrow razor, you can safely and easily play around with the shape of brows and find what suits your face best! 

— $2.95

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8.  Makeup Sponge with Container (Strawberry)

After skincare and a little grooming, it’s time for the base makeup.

To perfectly blend your favorite BB cream and keep it’s glossy finish, we recommend a beauty sponge.

This makeup sponge comes with a cute 딸기 (aka strawberry) designed container to keeping it sanitary and fun. 

— $3.45

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9.  Double-Headed Charming Gel Eyeliner + Liquid Eyeliner

Eyeliner is mostly part of a Korean makeup look.

If you are a beginner and still afraid of the tricky wings, this Double-Headed Charming Gel Eyeliner + Liquid Eyeliner will be your new best friend!

The liquid tip is perfect for drawing the outer lines, and the soft gel tip for the inner lines.

You soon will be drawing various wings with ease and rocking those K-Pop idol inspired looks! 

— $4.95

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10.  Outstanding Radiance - Velvet Matte Lipstick

The last step to pull off any look: lipstick!

If you want to try out the gradient lip trend that’s been around in K-Beauty for a while, this Outstanding Radiance-Velvet Matte Lipstick is a good starting point.

Just apply and blend! (And it comes in many trendy fall shades!) 

— $5.95

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