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Free shipping for orders from $59.

Miniso 3USB Car Charger 3.4A (Rose Golden)

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Product Materials: ABS housing+Aluminum stripes
Product Features:
1. The outer shell is made from ABS.
2. Passing FCC, CE and ROHS certifications. 3 USB ports give a total output current of 3.4A.
3. Built-in integrated circuit, 12-24V input voltage range.
4. Automatic short circuit protection function may effectively prevent the inner circuit of the car from burning or being damaged.
5. Professional circuit board keeps your valuables from being damaged due to short circuit.
6. IC chip, containing temperature protection device, works at a max. voltage of 40V and may prevent the cigar lighter from damaging the product by working at overhigh voltage.
7. When inserted to the cigar lighter, LED indicator turns blue.

1. The surface of the car charger will get hoter because of working. It is normal when the product's surface is lower than 65℃ under room temperature.
2. When the car charger stop working because of the OCP,OVP,OSP.

1. Do not use the car charger with the devices which allow overcharging to avoid causing any problems due to the off-gauge; Do not approach the car charger to the fire, such as stove or candles;
2. Do not use corrosive detergent to wipe the car charger
3. Please reset the car charger when the car restarts, Please pull out the car charger when you are done or the car is off.