MINISO Power Bank 10000mAh-Blue

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1.Large capacity of 10000 mAh
2.Dual USB port, can charge 2 devices at same time
3.2A current input/ output, fast charging
4.Power display
5.Avoid contact with water. Keep away from fire and heat. Do not disassemble by yourself. Do not smash.
1. When not in used for a long time, charge the power bank at least once every 6 months (power bank has been stored in the non-hostile environment).
2. Keep the power bank away from fire, humidity and corrosive materials.
3. Do not clean the product with chemicals, soap and detergent.
4. Please read the user manual carefully. Inappropriate use may cause damage, overheating, smoke, ignition and other abnormal occurrences.
5. Do not store product in the environment with high temperature. Keep away from fire and direct sunlight.
6. Do not throw, knock and kick this product, because those actions may cause distortion, cracking and deformation. In case some of unusual occurrences happen, stop using product immediately and contact retailer or manufacturer.
7. Do not disassemble or repair this product by yourself.
8. Do not store this product in humid environment or immerse in liquids. Please always keep the product dry.
10. Only use the charging cable provided with the product. Do not use any other ways to charge this