Essential Oil Humidifier - White

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Essential Oil Humidifier
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Product Features: Suitable for using in the living room, bedroom, study and the car. Beautiful and fashionable household tool can purify the air and humidify the space.

Product Material: PP

How to Use:

1. Screw the handpiece anticlockwise and remove the subassembly.

2. Pour water in the container, no less than 30ml (the top surface of groove in the bottom of container). Please do not exceed the maximum waterline (110ml) on the inner wall of container. If the water is less than 30ml, indicator light will flash for about 10s to tell you the shortage of water. Please do not add water (Do not add high-temperature water) when using.

3. After pouring appropriate amount of water, please vertically drop essential oil. (It is recommended to drop 2-3 drops of essential oil into 100ml water)

4. Screw clockwise the handpiece to install the subassembly.

5. Please insert the DC plug into DC socket and connect the USB plug to power supply (Note: input voltage DC-5V, electric current 1A).

6. The humidifier enters ready mode after connecting the power supply.
7. Press the on-off button. When the indicator light turns red, the humidifier enters normal humidifying mode. Press the on-off button again. When the indicator light turns blue, the humidifier enters aroma humidifying mode. Press the on-off button for the third time, the humidifier is back to ready mode. When it is working, default timing is 8h.
8. When the water is below minimum waterline in normal use, the humidifier will stop working with flashing red light for about 10s to tell you the shortage of water.
9. If not in use for a long time, please remove the plug and pour out the water. Store it in a dry place after clean the residual water stains.

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