Ice Cream Android Micro Data Cable

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Product Details:

Adorable beyond! and Yummy!  These easy carry cables make the everyday dull data transfer fun and full of flavor! For the dessert lover in us all Miniso has created a collection of classic micro-sweets that move data and energy at the speed of light.  An ideal gift for all ages and appetites!

Material: TPE

Usage: Maintenance: 1. Avoid blazing sunlight and do not place it in a damp environment; 2. Do not use sharp utility to cut it. Use: plug in or out horizontally and evenly, and do not pull or press it at will.

Features: 1. Select eco-friendly TPE and silicone material, extra soft flat line, anti-twine, firm and durable; 2. Individualized design, cute and lovely; 3. Suitable for charging and data transmission of device with Micro port

Precaution: 1. Keep the plug away from water. If the plug have contact with water, cut off power and wipe it dry with a dry cloth and place it in natural air to dry; 2. When using the product, plug in or out horizontally and evenly, without pulling or pressing at will; 3. Avoid blazing sunlight and avoid placing in a damp environment; 4. Keep away from fire; 5. Do not use sharp utility to cut it.

Storage:Fireproof, damp proof, and keep it dry.



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