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Product Features: 1. Reusable. 2. The sticker is resistant to water, oil and dust.

Product Materials: Sticker: PET, traceless glue; PS hook

Directions:1. Clean the surface with cloth before sticking hook on it. 2. Remove the protector. 3. Place the hook against the wall and press for 10 seconds. Make sure that air has been squeezed out. 4. Wait for 12 hours before hanging items on it. 5. Max. load: 3 kg.

Precautions: 1. Do not overload. 2. Do not use on an uneven surface. 3. Do not hang fragile and valuable items. 4.Do not use on powder walls, wallpapers, wall cloth and any coated wall finishes.

Dimensions: 24.5x12x2CM