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MINI Sport- Twisting Waist Disc

MINI Sport- Twisting Waist Disc

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AT HOME FITNESS, three words we have all come to know in this day and age.åÊ Our Miniso Sport equipment allows you to easily address your fitness needs from every corner of your living or office space. åÊEngage, tighten, and lift your way to all of your fitness goals. åÊThe twisting waist disc will aide you on your way to success and everything you need to feel YOUR BEST SELF! åÊDiscreet and easy to store.

Material: PP

Usage: Place your feet on both sides of the disc. Make sure that you got your balance. Start twisting your waist and abdomen. Beginners should twist slowly in order to keep the balance.

Features: Perfect body curve, suitable for young and old, compact and simple, easy to carry.

Precaution: 1. Before use, make sure that the product is not damaged. If it is damaged, please do not use. 2. Keep out of reach of children. 3.Warm up your body before using, in order to avoid injuries. 4.Move slowly and steadily. 5.If you feel pain in waist and abdomen area, stop using this product. 6.Max. weight: 130kg

Storage:1. Keep away from fire. 2. Store in a cool and dry place.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including arsenic, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go toåÊ

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