MINISO Ceramic Knife 4 Inch, Beige

Kitchen Goods
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Hard Texture: Green ceramic kitchen knives ergonomic ABS handle+Sharp ceramic blade. It is super sharp, never penetrate, works best for cutting meat without bones, fruits and vegetables.

Material: Knife: ZrO2; Handle and cover: PP
✅Antibacterial Function: Antibacterial ceramic blade, stain-proof and germ resistant. Don't absorb any food element, protect you from bacterial.
✅Easy to Clean: Ceramic knives are easy to clean as they are not stained or affected by substances such as salts, acids and juices.Ceramic does not contain any food element, you just have to rinse a fast and wipe with a kitchen towel, resistance to oils and acids, no taste or strange smell to remain on the blade.
✅Health and Safe: Ceramic chef knife is rust-proof, BPA free,FDA approved, rust-free, dirt-repellent, germ-repellent, hygiene and never corrode, keep away from germs and bacteria. No browning. And it is impervious to acids and oils, without metallic taste or smell when cutting delicated vegetables.

1. Do not use on rock, glass, ceramic and metal boards.
2. Please do not cut frozen (or not completely thawed) foods, meat with bones, fish or crab and other hard objects.