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Buy 1 Get 1 for Marvel Collection - Use code 'MARVELBOGO'
Buy 1 Get 1 for Marvel Collection - Use code 'MARVELBOGO'

MINISO Diamond Series- Car Air Freshener Rose&Pine (Space Grey)

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Original price
$11.95 - $11.95
Current price $11.95
2 car diffuser lockets include-2.5g each
This mini vehicle scent diffuser can keep your space smell fresh without unpleasant smell.
Easy to install, it doesnt need to charge or put water in it either.
Effectively purifies air, eliminates bad smells, natural aroma.
Premium essence ensure non-toxic & healthy for you and your family.
Dont let bad smell in your car destroy your mood on your morning commute or on the way to travel. MINISO Car Air Freshener inspired by natural flower & plants, provides pleasant fragrance, like you breath in the garden. Just attach it to the air vent in your car, you and your families can enjoy this natural pleasing air in your car.
Usage: Remove packaging. Hold the upper part in your left hand and hold the clamp in your right hand and unscrew it. Place the aroma emitter inside and screw it back. Attach it to the air vent in your car.
Note: Keep away from fire and high temperature. Avoid contact with plastic parts inside of your car in order to avoid damage. In case of contact, use wet cloth to clean it. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not eat. If swallowed, seek for medical assistance. Do not place above or neat air bag. Storage: Please place it in the shade. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent spoilage.
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