MINISO Disney Princess Collection Cartoon Character Face Covering for Kids

Face Mask
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Are you in need of some face covering for your kids?  Look no further!  We carry safe and simple facemasks with the purpose of protection.  These Disney facemasks is sure to make your kids feel like a Disney Character!

Lightweight & foldable, easy to carry.
Effectively keep dust and dirt out of your nose and mouth.
Made of 100% polyester and cotton, ultra soft and breathable.
Ideal to keep it in your home in case of an emergency
Lightweight & foldable, easy to carry.


1.Discontinue use if the mask has been contaminated or the breathing becomes difficult.

2.Do not use the product under situations of strenuous exercise or rapid breathing, to avoid adverse effects such as lack of oxygen.


Officially authorized by Disney Marvel, designed and manufactured by MINISO.