MINISO Disposable Bath Towels Shower Big Towels Body Towel, 2 Packs

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MINISO disposable multipurpose towels can be used for various purposes from airport transit, motel/hotel stay, beach lake towels, cat dog bath wipes, hiking and camping, facial, body, hair cleaning, hospital, elderly care, nursery, gym towel, travel towel, pool and saloon spa, kitchen and bathroom floor wipe and more.

Material: Viscose
1. Special design for travelling, small and easy to carry
2. Thickened upgraded material, tough and durable, more effective cleansing
3. Doesn't contain fluorescent brightener
1. Bath Wipes Dries quickly for easy reuse, just throw out when dirty
2. Please keep out of reach of children to avoid accidental ingestion. Do not throw into toilet after use to avoid blockage.