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MINISO Multifunctional Desktop Cellphone Holder (Black)

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Take out the cellphone holder and install it onto the base. Place the phone on the silicone pad by the bent position of the holder and adjust the angle. You may use it after confirming the phone is placed stably on the holder.
Small and not occupying space, it may be freely adjusted to any angle. Hold it by single hand, flexible to operate. You may watch video on the phone or use the phone while seated, lying down or half seated by using the holder. 3. The silicone pad is quite anti-slippery and adds abrasion, helping prevent the phone from sliding when using the holder. At the bottom of the groove in the middle of the holder is some space for hiding the data cable, enabling you to charge the phone while using it on the holder.
Use the product on a flat surface to avoid the electronic product from falling out of the holder due to inclined surface. Do not put ultra heavy electronic product on the holder. Place the phone with a size of over 6.5in. horizontally on the holder for placing it vertically may allow the phone to fall. Use the holder after confirming the phone is placed stably on it. The angle of the product when used should not be larger than 90 degrees.

Material: ABS, glass, silicone

Note: Keep away from fire and damp environment. Keep it dry.