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MINISO Ocean Series- Whale Flat Plush Toy (Dark Blue)

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CUTE SEAL - Adorably soft cute seal is constructed with premium plush and PP cotton, it is super soft and comfortable.
SOFT PLUSH WHALE FLAT ARE A KIDS BEST FRIEND-Adorable plush animal is made with smooth plush-so squeezable and soft; There's no shedding, clumps or coarseness with this deer stuffed animal. it's simply perfect for cuddling.
REALISTIC-High quality plush materials, air brushed details and an expressive face make this Whale Flat plush doll a life like companion that actually looks real.
THE BEST PLUSH TOY-Fluffy, soft Whale Flat has an adorable expression, a unique mix of curiosity, mischief and fun that brings a lifetime of companionship.
A SPECIAL GIFT-A perfect gift for little boys, girls, kids or plush doll lovers of all ages.
Material: Tempered glass and HIPS.
Package Material: Gift Box.
1. Open the paper box and pull out the scale.
2. Take off the PE bag. Open the battery cover at the back of the scale and put in the batteries. 3. Put the scale on the flat hard ground and stand on the scale after auto power-off.
4. Weigh 2-3 times continuously and the last figure is your weight.
5. Finish weighing. Features: High-definition LED digital screen; portable design.
1.Beware of slip when using.
2.Place it on the flat hard ground for first use.(Do not place it on the carpet or soft product for measurement so as not to affect accuracy).
3.Remove the protective film before use. Follow the instruction to set it and stand on it with naked feet.
4. The product is precise instrument. Please don't jump or tread on it too hard and handle with care.
5. The product is for domestic use. Please don't use it for business.6. Please take out the battery when not in use for a long time.
6.Avoid damp and store it in a dry place.