Magnetic Pen with COB Light

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Super Bright COB Light, meet your demand for camping car repairing, Hiking and Fishing
Hook Design And Magnet, allowed to be attached on metal surfaces or be hung on objects
Suitable for using when doing repair and testing, camping, outdoor activities and for emergency lighting.
Durable alluminum body
Two different modes help you in many situation, High brightness and Medium Brightness.Press the switch on button to turn on the light, and then press the button to switch among 2 modes.
1. The packaging must be retained since it contains important information.
2. Do not stare at the light source to avoid eye damage.
3. Do not use new and used batteries, alkaline batteries and carbon batteries together and do not use batteries of different brands.
4. Take out the battery if not using the product for a long time.
5. Do not use the product in humid environment (such as bathroom) for contact with water may cause malfunction or damage.
6. When the product accidentally falls into water or other liquids, turn the power switch off and let it dry completely before use.
7. Stop using the product if it shows signs of being hot or deformed during use.
8. Keep out of reach of children.