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Buy 1 Get 1 for Marvel Collection - Use code 'MARVELBOGO'
Buy 1 Get 1 for Marvel Collection - Use code 'MARVELBOGO'

MINISO TWS Earphones with a Comfortable Fit Model EB019

Original price $19.95 - Original price $19.95
Original price
$19.95 - $19.95
Current price $19.95
Color: White
Compact and lightweight.
Use and store the product at room temperature
Do not throw it to avoid damage caused by dropping and do not disassemble, repair or modify the product
The built-in lithium battery is irreplaceable. Do not discard the product at will, toss in fire or expose to direct sunlight to prevent danger.
The battery should be disposed of according to local regulations and recycled if possible. It cannot be handled as household waste to avoid polluting the environment.
Compact and lightweight.
Store it indoor. Avoid direct sunlight exposure for a long time. Keep it away from fire and out of reach of children.


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