We Bare Bears- iPhone Fast Charge Data Cable, Panda

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Bending-resistant structure ensures the data cable's being used as normal and not easy to break.
Chic and portable, the material is firm and durable, with strong impact-resistance and resistance to high and low temperature.
Performance parameters: Length: 100CM, rated voltage-DC 5V, rated current-2.1A.
Exceptional tensile strength is provided by a high-performance, ultra-strong core, which is wrapped in a double-braided nylon sheath, resulting in a supple yet robust cable with superior toughness.
Connects to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with Lightning Connector and charges/syncs by connecting the USB connector into your wall charger or computer.
Material: TPE
Packing: color card+PVC
Instruction: 1. One end of USB port connects the charger, the other end connects cellphone's or laptop's Lightning port to realize charging or data transmission; 2. When connecting device, plug in parallel with the device port.
Note: 1. The built-in irreplaceable lithium battery should not be dismantled, changed or repaired by yourself.2. Children should use it under parents' or supervisor's company.3. Do not put your fingers into the fan to avoid being scratched. 4. Keep away from fire and humidity.Store in a dry and cool place. Fireproof, damp-proof, windproof. Keep it dry and keep away from corrosive gas